View the 20th Anniversary Pioneer Panel discussion

| Alexandra Duemer

On Dec. 5, some of the community’s most influential contributors came to The Homestead for a celebratory evening of 20 years as DC Ranch. Over 170 residents attended while our special guests shared thoughts on how they created something new, what inspired them, challenges they faced, along with many colorful stories and fun facts about DC Ranch.  In case you missed it, click here to watch moderator John C. Little, Jr. lead our panelists Trevor Barger, Charley Freericks, Melinda Gulick and Vern Swaback in a lively discussion. You can also browse our photo album from the event.

Scottsdale’s Poet Laureate concluded the evening with a special poem he wrote just for DC Ranch. Enjoy!


Early morning sun shafts spike through mountain peaks lighting up the haloed prickly pear and stately saguaro, while wisps of pink clouds on a blue backdrop angle away and south to where the sky is not yet ready for day.

I find myself pausing more than walking,
Listening more than thinking,
Seeing more than watching, and…
Feeling more than usual.

Being careful not to tumble small rocks in my path or brush the prickly branch of the
Foothill Palo Verde, I look for new experiences. The color of light as it dances through a
Chuparosa bush, the song of a sage thrasher and smell of the dew moistened desert
mountain floor elevate my spirits.

I find myself wishing more than dreaming,
Leaving footprints rather than words,
Being more random than focused,
Feeling more alive than usual.

Perched on a grainy lichen-colored boulder, I watch the sun warm the desert floor, lighting its path with yellow brittlebush. I wish that I were all of us so that we could embrace this moment as one. We could hear, see, feel, smell and be together as this rather normal dawn renews its world.

We would feel more peaceful than angry
Hear more than one heart beating,
See more than our reflection.
We would feel more than usual.