Team Value Awards recipients

| Alexandra Duemer

DC Ranch recognizes and celebrates those employees who go above and beyond in role modeling our organizational values. Join us in congratulating the amazing staff at DC Ranch who received peer-nominated awards at the first annual Team Value Awards ceremony!

Teamwork – connect, collaborate and create
Brad Bishop
Ranch Association, Maintenance Services Director

Professionalism – act with Integrity and strive for excellence
Elizabeth Dankert
Community Council, Website & Graphic Design Coordinator

Innovation – blaze new trails while honoring our legacy
Ken Krause
Ranch Association, Landscape Manager

Passion – put our hearts into all we do
Jona Davis
Community Council, Community Engagement Director

Fun – seek moments of joy
Devin Haggerty
Community Council, Community Engagement Coordinator

The recipient received a DC Ranch saguaro values awards which are authentic carvings made from one of the hardest trees in the world. Each are unique, made from naturally fallen branches from the Oleyna Tesota Ironwood tree found in the Sonoran Desert by the same artists who have been crafting them for centuries. The saguaro was chosen as it represents the beauty of DC Ranch’s natural environment and strength of the team.