Speed camera testing begins

| Elizabeth Dankert

For the last three years, speeding has been a topic of conversation and evaluation for the Ranch Association Board. During this time, resident surveys, traffic studies and communication with local law enforcement were a part of the information gathering process. A committee of residents and board members was formed in early 2012 to study safety issues which was followed by a detailed security survey that identified speeding as a top concern among homeowners. In 2014, the Ranch Association Board of Directors approved revised speed limits for all private roadways in the community and additional speed limit signs were purchased and posted. The Board also approved use of electronic speed signs to capture data and inform drivers of their vehicle speeds. These five speed signs continue to collect vehicular data as they are rotated throughout the community. Between 2014 and 2016 data received showed nearly 4,000 instances where drivers exceeded posted speed limits by more than 20 mph.

In March 2016, the Board introduced new Standards for Conduct that included enforcement procedures for speeding, and in early 2017, they approved purchase of a speed camera. Over the next 90 days, the new equipment will be installed in areas of the community to gather more data which can be evaluated to confirm speeding frequencies and actual speeds. The workflow process required to issue speed infractions will also be tested. This data will be presented to the Ranch Association Board at its January 8, 2018 meeting. If approved by the Board, the speed enforcement program could launch, meaning fines would be issued in accordance with the enforcement process outlined at DCRanch.com/Standards. The end result is to improve safety for all residents of DC Ranch. Please be mindful of posted speed limits and considerate of neighbors and cyclists that share our roads.