Security & Gate Access

DC Ranch provides 24-hour security services, through a third-party contractor, operating 23 gates throughout the community and two Community Patrol vehicles. A third path and trail vehicle patrols off-road during daylight and weekend hours. The Security Dispatch and Command Center at the West Gate location is linked to over 100 continuous live video feeds overseeing gates, pedestrian underpass crossings and other remote entry points. Members of the DC Ranch Patrol staff, Security Manager and supervisors are certified trained emergency first responders and can provide on-scene first aid, CPR, AED and other minor medical services. However, for life threatening situations or imminent danger, call 911 immediately.

Important Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
Non-emergency Police Dept.: 480.312.5000
Scottsdale Fire Dept.: 480.312.0611
Security Dispatch/Command Center: 480.397.9659

Community Safety Forum

The Ranch Association, in cooperation with Scottsdale Police, recently held its 3rd Annual Community Safety Forum. Due to COVID-19, the program was held virtually and is available to view in its entirety, by clicking here. There are three segments followed by questions from DC Ranch residents. First up is Mike Wells, DC Ranch Community Safety Liaison, followed by Foothills District Police Commander Patrick Regan and Crime Prevention Office Rob Katzaroff, and lastly, Anderson Security Account Manager for DC Ranch Steve Enteman.

View Quick Guide to Security Services

The following is a list of all security and safety related services offered:

Adding/Removing Guests: Call the gatehouse, visit or download the GateAccess app. If you are a new resident, submit this form to request a user account.

Contractor Gate Pass: Builders and tradespeople must have a valid gate pass for entry. Submit Form

First Aid/ Medical Response: Call Security Dispatch at 480.397.9659 for minor assistance.

Garage Door Alert: Security will call or email to close a garage door left open; after 10 p.m- email only.

Grant an Authorized Person: Use this form to grant access to an additional resident, contractor, property manager, realtor or caretaker.  Submit Form

Lost & Found: Items are collected nightly. Contact the Windgate Gate at 480.342.9095.

Lost Pets: Call the Security Dispatch & Command Center to report a lost or loose pet at 480.397.9659

Packages: Deliveries of most packages may be accepted; check with the gatehouse for exceptions.

Parking Exemption Form: Grants up to three days of street parking for guests. Submit Form

Pets: Patrol services provide complimentary doggie waste bags and leashes.

Photo ID: Submit photo for identification purposes at the gatehouses. Submit Form

Snake Removal: Call Security Dispatch at 480.397.9659 for assistance and removal.

Selling your Home: Authorize realtor for access; Security will confirm showings with the listing agent. Submit Form

Vacation Notification Form: Security conducts perimeter checks while residents are away. Submit Form

Verbal Validation Code: Submit four-digit code in lieu of photo I.D. Submit Form

Vehicle Transponders: Submit form; issued at West Gate. Transponder hours: Monday-Friday 6 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturdays 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Vehicle Assistance: Call Security Dispatch at 480.397.9659 for minor vehicle emergencies or jump start.

Uber/Lyft/Car Service:
Pick-up appointments: Resident should inform Security of the appointment and ensure that the driver has resident’s first and last name or address for pick up. At unmanned gates, driver will be permitted entry by the resident.

Drop-off at manned gates: Security will ask for a Verbal Validation Code or photo identification.
Drop-off at unmanned gates: Resident will input their gate code.

West Gate: 480.473.7362
East Gate: 480.473.7506
Windgate: 480.342.9095
Horseshoe: 480.515.9443
Arcadia: 480.585.9662
Icon Gate: 480.534.5466
For unmanned gates, contact the West Gate.