Scottsdale Airport

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What is Scottsdale Airport?

Located a within five miles of DC Ranch, the Scottsdale Airport is owned and operated by the City of Scottsdale, but the Federal Aviation Administration manages aircraft in flight and establishes flight patterns.

Established in 1966, the airport serves as an economic engine for the city. In a 2014 study, aviation activity at the Scottsdale Airport/Airpark created $536 million annually in total economic benefits. These funds pay for many of the amenities that make Scottsdale a desirable city to live and work; and help maintain and grow home values.

Many DC Ranch residents use the Scottsdale Airport for their business and personal travel.

When purchasing a home in DC Ranch, the escrow process includes potential buyers receiving a copy of all DC Ranch CC&Rs. These documents state that DC Ranch lies in very close proximity to the Scottsdale Airport, informing buyers that they will experience air traffic noise.

As a public airport, Scottsdale Airport is required to be available for public use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, the airport encourages flights to take place after 6 a.m. and prior to 10 p.m.

Scottsdale Airport has developed an 11-point Noise Abatement Procedure. To date, the airport has been receptive to DC Ranch input on Scottsdale air traffic and will follow up on concerns and feedback as much as possible. Airport representatives have also shared information on Sky Harbor NextGen changes and impacts of that program on Scottsdale Airport, as the change in flight patterns due to NextGen has directly impact the flight patterns out of Scottsdale Airport.

How can residents engage?

Residents interested in Scottsdale Airport’s operations may apply to serve on the Scottsdale Airport Advisory Commission or attend and speak at an Airport Advisory Commission meeting.

Management at the Scottsdale Airport has expressed interest in hearing from residents who encounter excessive noise from landings or take-offs from their airport. Residents are asked to call the Scottsdale Airport Hotline and include the date and time of the flight. Providing specific information enables airport staff to better identify and follow up with the appropriate pilot regarding compliance with requirements and possible procedural changes to mitigate noise.

Scottsdale Airport hotline: 480-312-FLYS (3597)

Complaints or compliments may also be submitted here.

How will DC Ranch be involved?

The DC Ranch Community Council will continue to foster an open and communicative relationship with various Scottsdale Airport governance groups and staff members. The intent is to work collaboratively to ensure noise mitigation procedures are being followed and that, as technology changes, new procedures may be put into place.

Latest Updates

February 2019

Scottsdale Airport sent a recent reminder that their busy season has begun. Residents who feel a pilot may not be following their Noise Abatement Policy are asked to report the incident to airport staff on the Scottsdale Airport hotline: 480-312-FLYS (3597) or online: submitted here.

September 20, 2018

DC Ranch residents are invited to attend the Scottsdale Airport Open House on Saturday, Nov. 3 from 3 to 6 p.m. Having just completed a major renovation, the airport celebration will include tours, airplane displays, interactive stations, and kids’ activities, along with entertainment and refreshments courtesy of Volanti Restaurant and Scottsdale Hangar Events. Located at 15000 North Airport Drive, the event is free but attendees are asked to register.

July 2018

Scottsdale City Council approved an architectural and engineering services contract with Mead & Hunt to provide design services for nine projects at the Scottsdale Airport.

The projects under the contract with Mead & Hunt are:
• Reconstruction of runway 03/21;
• Rehabilitation of taxiway C;
• Construction of taxiways B2, B9 & B15;
• Construction of security fencing;
• Replacement of wind cones;
• Reconstruction of city shades/hangar ramps;
• Rehabilitation of kilo (K) ramp; and
• Rehabilitation of a perimeter road.

March 2018

The City of Scottsdale’s $25 million terminal area redevelopment project is intended to create a new hub at the Scottsdale Airport and larger airpark area by enhancing and upgrading the former terminal area, a city council report states.

The airport has begun executing lease agreements for its terminals and in-the-works aviation business center that will generate just over $1 million per year, local aviation experts contend.

At a February Scottsdale City Council meeting, three items related to the Scottsdale Airport were passed on consent, 7-0, by elected leaders:
• A lease amendment with Gemini Air Group, Inc. for space at the airport;
• A contract with Scottsdale West Holdings, LLC for lease of space in the aviation business center; and
• A contract with Volanti Restaurant and Lounge, LLC for lease space inside the aviation business center.