DC Ranch Master Plan

As part of the strategic planning initiative, DCR2020, DC Ranch Community Council created a Master Plan Committee (MPC) consisting of ten residents representing each of the four villages, a Community Council Board representative and three Community Council staff members. A master plan is a long-term document that guides future growth and development. The MPC began meeting in fall 2019 to identify and prioritize the top amenity needs for the community.

“A resident-driven master plan that sets the course for addressing our community’s capital needs in a sustainable, financially reasonable and thoughtful fashion is essential to remaining a vibrant and relevant community that is prepared to serve current and future generations of residents,” shares Jenna Kohl, Executive Director for the Community Council.

The MPC’s objective is to facilitate a process to develop a master plan that considers the existing significant body of input from DC Ranch residents, board, and staff and addresses facility and amenity needs. As part of the process, the Committee will evaluate the community centers, Market Street Park, administrative and other office space, maintenance services and other amenities that embody the mission and core services of DC Ranch.

Discovery phase | 2020

During three meetings, the Committee utilized data from community surveys, the DCR2020 Strategic Plan focus groups and feedback, Programming Open House feedback and word of mouth to identify future amenity improvements for DC Ranch that will address resident needs, now and into the future. The Committee evaluated:

  • existing DC Ranch facilities
  • reviewed many years of resident feedback and community data
  • assessed offerings at comparable communities
  • considered amenities provided by other area agencies

In January, staff and the Committee presented the preliminary recommendations to the Community Council Board, seeking support to move forward with the next steps, including an opportunity for residents to provide feedback on the Committee’s findings.

Jan. 2020 Board Memo

With the onset of the pandemic, the master plan initiative was put on hold. In November, the Committee reconvened to review the existing plan and an RFP (request for proposals) for a professional analysis of existing needs and available space. The RFP also asked for concept plans addressing the priorities outlined in the master plan.

Planning phase | 2021

At a special Community Council Board Meeting on Feb. 25, the Board voted unanimously to authorize the Community Council executive director to negotiate and enter into a contract with Holly Street Studio for the Space Needs Assessment and Master Plan Concept Design project.

Feb. 2021 Board Memo

Holly Street Studio – Project Team

Please revisit this page for updates on this important community investment project. For questions, email masterplan@dcranchinc.com.