There are nine neighborhoods in DC Ranch that are managed by sub-associations. The following is the contact information for the property management of each sub-association.

There is also one sub-association, The Villas at Desert Parks Village, that is now under Ranch Association management as part of a one-year pilot program that began July 1, 2020.

Carla Garvin, City Property Management
Village at Market Street (Parcel 2.7 – no gate)
Columbia Community (Parcel 4.2 – DC Ranch gate)
Tapadero (Parcel 4.11 – DC Ranch gate)
The Village at Silverleaf (Parcel 5.9A)

Linda Parker, Associa
Courtyards at Market Street (Parcel 2.4)

Denny Batchik, APM
The Villas (Parcel 1.12)
Villas at Desert Camp (Parcel 2.8)

Deborah Downs, TrestleĀ Management
480.422.0888 ext. 1031
Courtyards at Desert Parks (Parcel T5AB)

Michelle Woloszyk, AAM
ICON at Silverleaf (Parcel T4B)