Neighborhood Voting Member Application

NVM Candidate Application

Thank you so much for your interest in serving as a Neighborhood Voting Member (NVM) for DC Ranch. Please complete and submit this online form.

  • Policy 106 Neighborhood Voting Members roles and responsibilities:

    Ranch Association Policy 106 outlines the NVM role and responsibilities and is accessible online at New terms run January 1 through December 31, 2020. Each neighborhood may elect a NVM and Alternate NVM, however only the NVM shall have voting power unless unable to serve. Elected NVMs and Alternate NVMs will complete brief training around mid-January to prepare for election of the Ranch Association Board of Directors which commences February 1 when applications are made available. The Annual Election and Meeting will be held April 6, 2020.

    Per Section 106.6.b, the primary duties of an NVM are: to 1) elect-Ranch Association Board of Directors, 2) vote in all Association matters requiring a membership vote, 3) serve as chair of its Neighborhood Committee, should one be created under Article 5 of the Bylaws, 4) act as a liaison between the Board and its constituents on matters of importance to the neighborhood and 5) provide a quorum of members for the annual meeting.

    106.6.c: NVMs cast all allocated votes for Board candidates in a fair and ethical manner on behalf of their neighbors and should seek input from their neighborhood members before casting the neighborhood’s votes. Each lot represents one vote; each vote is counted in each voting block as determined by the Board.