Event registration to add processing fee

| Elizabeth Dankert

This spring’s redesign and upgrades to DCRanch.com included a transitioned to a more secure, user-friendly system for activity and event registration called Eventbrite. Resident feedback has been very positive, stating that Eventbrite is simple and easy-to-use.

Like most all software systems, Eventbrite charges a processing fee for each transaction. You have probably paid similar fees when purchasing concert or movie tickets. They are sometimes called a service charge, handling fees, etc.

Beginning in January 2018, participants will incur a processing fee to register for activities. Regardless of how a registration is handled or paid for – online with credit card, at the community center front desk using a personal check or by paying cash at the door prior to the event – every paid registration goes through the Eventbrite system and will have a processing fee. Free events for which you simply RSVP are the only exception.

DC Ranch activity and event prices will not increase next year. Processing fees for programs and events beginning in January 2018 are listed below.

If you have questions please contact Community Engagement Director Jona Davis at 480.538.3582 or jona.davis@dcranchinc.com

Programs, Fitness Classes, Events and Activities

Registration Fee               Processing Fee

Under $10                           $2

$10 to $29                            $3

$30 to $39                            $4

$40 and over                      various