DC Ranch time capsule preserves precious memories

| Mike Gertzman

As part of the celebration for the 20th anniversary of DC Ranch, a time capsule was created to honor the community’s legacy.

DC Ranch 20th anniversary time capsule was buried at the Homestead Community Center on Jan. 4, 2019.

The capsule was buried near the playground at The Homestead Community Center on Friday, Jan. 4, 2019. Soon there will be a permanent plaque placed at the site.

The plan is for the time capsule to be reopened 20 years from now in 2038 when DC Ranch celebrates its 40th anniversary.

“We hope that when the time capsule is unearthed in 20 years, future residents will see how much residents in this era cherish the place they call home,” said Facilities and Recreation Director Beth Overton.

The DC Ranch 20th Anniversary time capsule contains a variety of mementos.

The capsule contains photographs from various events, handwritten messages from residents and staff who shared their fondest memories about DC Ranch and a variety of other mementos.

“The items we selected are intended to give people a sense of what it was like to live at DC Ranch from 1998 to 2018,” Overton said. “We think the time capsule will reveal some surprises when residents in 20 years are able to reflect on how things have changed.”

DC Ranch staff members Pedro Lopez and Jaime Espinoza bury the DC Ranch 20th Anniversary time capsule.

The time capsule was just one of many special activities and programs to mark the 20th anniversary of DC Ranch. Take at look at the December 2018 issue of Ranch News for more about the commemoration.

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