DC Ranch Resident Group Interest Form

Want to learn more about DC Ranch and the Community Council? Are you willing to give input on projects and initiatives? The DC Ranch Community Council is looking for one to two residents to join the DCR Resident Group. This group of 10-12 volunteers meets four or more times per year with the Council’s Executive Director, Jenna Kohl. The group will learn about and give feedback on Council programs, events, activities and initiatives. Some DC Ranch history and trivia may be thrown in along the way to keep things fun and interesting.

Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted. An informal interview may be conducted to determine fit. If a spot is not available, the application will be held for reconsideration if an opening should become available.

Applications are due March 1, 2021.

The Community Council is responsible for strategies, programs, and initiatives that enhance the quality of life and DC Ranch experience for residents and businesses. We promote the DC Ranch brand; provide recreational, educational, and volunteer opportunities in support of community values; operate amenities such as the two community centers, Market Street Park, and the path and trail system; facilitate communication resources; markets and promotes the community; and oversees strategic planning for DC Ranch. We work with our partner organizations, the Ranch Association and the Covenant Commission, in serving DC Ranch.