Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Aug. 28, 2020

Information on COVID-19 itself can be found on public health websites such as DC Ranch is committed to measures that promote health and safety for residents and our staff.

When will facilities reopen?
Desert Camp Community Center is now open. View new protocols here. The Homestead Community Center, including the playground, splash pad and basketball court will reopen July 6. The Ranch Offices on Market Street will remain closed through the end of Oct. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact DC Ranch staff by phone at 480-513-1500 or email
Are parks and playgrounds open for resident use?
Parks and playgrounds are open. Please heed to posted signage and exercise caution. Group gatherings are not recommended. The splash pad at Market Street Park will remain closed indefinitely.
Can I use the paths and trails?
The paths and trails can continue to be used in a safe manner that allows people to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits these spaces provide. Please be mindful of the rules and respectful of others while enjoying this very popular community amenity. • For safety purposes and the general consideration of golfers, walking, jogging or bicycling is not permitted on golf courses or golf cart paths. o Walking on the cart paths puts people and dogs at risk of being hit by fast-moving golf balls and golf carts. o The golf courses are private property. Only golfers are permitted on the course or cart paths. o Please observe the posted signage; if you find yourself on a golf cart path, please return to a marked path or trail immediately. • Use sidewalks and trails where present. In neighborhoods without sidewalks and trails, use caution when walking in the streets and walk on the left side, facing oncoming traffic for safety. •Golf carts and motorized play vehicles are not permitted in parks, trails, multi-use paths, sidewalks or wash areas. • Even outside on the paths and trails, health experts and parks officials say people must still maintain proper social and physical distancing of six feet or more. View map here.
Can I make pickleball and tennis court reservations?
Court reservations are now available online only.
Are facilities open for reservations?
Not at this time. Facility rentals through 2020 have been cancelled. Reservation requests will remain on hold until further notice. Click here to learn more.
Which events and programs are canceled?
The cancellation of ALL in-person events, programs and club gatherings has been extended through September. Refunds have been issued. View the online calendar for the most up to date listings.
What DC Ranch programs are available virtually?
Community Council staff has created a range of virtual events specifically designed for our residents to remain active and connected. Check the online calendar and be on the lookout for emails announcing these new programs. If you aren’t already, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.