City of Scottsdale 2019 Bond

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What is the 2019 Scottsdale Bond Program?

The City of Scottsdale’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a list of projects the city has identified that it needs to build, repair, expand or maintain to effectively and efficiently serve the community. In early 2018, a large list of projects was identified. The projects are geographically-diverse and cover a wide-range of topics to include public safety, infrastructure, parks, public buildings, technology and so on.

The City Council may ask the community to finance some of these projects via a bond election in November 2019. Scottsdale voters last approved a bond in 2000.

It is the intent of the Mayor and Scottsdale City Council to pay for the bond with no increase to property taxes. City debt would retire as this new bond debt would be taken on.

In March of 2019, the list of possible bond projects was narrowed down to 67 and presented to citizens for public review, ranking and comment. With that feedback in hand, a new list of priority projects will be created. The City of Scottsdale released a report containing citizens input on the 67 potential bond projects.

Possible projects that could be in the bond, and that are in or near DC Ranch, include the Thompson Peak Bridge expansion, flood control measures for the Reata Wash, the addition of a dog park at Thompson Peak Park, and a seven-field lighted soccer park at Bell and 94th Street that could occasionally handle event parking (this is one of three locations that have identified; it is unlikely all three would be built).

How can residents engage?

DC Ranch residents are encouraged to engage with the Scottsdale Mayor and City Council members on the bond, and we will update residents regarding opportunities to weigh in with the City as the public process unfolds in the coming months.

Email Mayor Lane and all City Council members:

Residents may read more on the city’s website:

How will DC Ranch be involved?

The DC Ranch Community Council will closely monitor and evaluate the bond program as it moves through the public process. If deemed appropriate, the Community Council may develop a position on the bond on behalf of the DC Ranch community-at-large.

Scottsdale Capital Improvement Plan Subcommittee
The Scottsdale Council Capital Improvement Plan Subcommittee was established to review the city’s Capital Improvement Plan and make recommendations to the City Council. Click here for meeting agendas, minutes, audio and video.

Latest Updates

July 29, 2019

On July 25, the Community Council Board of Directors voted to publicly support the 2019 Scottsdale Bonds.

If Scottsdale voters pass all three bond questions, there will be many positive outcomes for DC Ranch – Thompson Peak Bridge will be expanded to four lanes, a Dog Park will be built at Hayden and Thompson Peak, and much-needed infrastructure repairs will be funded allowing Scottsdale to maintain its reputation as a world class city which enhances property values.

The Bond’s financing structure ensures homeowners will NOT see a property tax percentage increase on bond-related municipal taxes, because previously issued debt will be retired before the City assumes this new debt.

Click here to view the statement prepared for the Scottsdale City Council and other entities outside DC Ranch.

July 10, 2019

At its July 25, 2019 meeting, the Community Council board of directors is scheduled to decide if DC Ranch will publicly support the City of Scottsdale 2019 General Obligation Bonds that will be on the November ballot. The board meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. at Desert Camp Community Center; residents are welcome to attend. Check for the latest agenda prior to the meeting.

During the past several months, the Community Council has researched various elements of the 2019 bond to include: how the bond projects will impact the DC Ranch community-at-large; what the financial impact to residents will be; and the city’s performance and oversight of prior bonds. The Community Council has concluded that the 2019 bonds will have many positive impacts on DC Ranch and Scottsdale, the city we call home.

June 19, 2019

At its May 23 board meeting, the Community Council discussed the pros and cons of the projects in the Scottsdale Bond as it pertains to the DC Ranch community-at-large. The board concluded there are many very positive outcomes for DC Ranch if voters approve the bond request in November. The following motion was passed unanimously: To approve Director of Public Affairs Chris Irish to draft a statement of support for passage of the City of Scottsdale’s bond package; Governance Committee will review, and Board will then vote on support.

Irish shared a draft of the statement with the Governance Committee on June 2 and also gave a presentation on the bond and the Council’s potential support at the Ranch Association meeting on June 10.

April 18, 2019

On Monday, April 15, Scottsdale City Council voted to hold a November 5 Bond Election. There will be three ballot questions for a total of 58 bond projects with costs not to exceed $319 million.

If the bonds pass, homeowners will not see a property tax increase as previously-issued debt will be retired prior to this debt being assumed.

Included in the bonds are several projects DC Ranch residents have expressed support for – the Thompson Peak bridge expansion and a nearby dog park. Other projects near DC Ranch include multi-use, lighted sports fields in the area of Bell Road that will occasionally handle large-event parking and several upgrades to WestWorld.

The Reata Wash flood measure was not included.

April 5, 2019

In a recent Scottsdale City Council work session, excluding the Reata Wash flood control measure from the bond or making it a stand-alone ballot question was discussed. The City Council plans to finalize the bond projects on April 16.

If you would like the Reata Wash project in the bond you should communicate that to the Mayor and City Council members prior to April 16.

Email Mayor Lane and all City Council members:

At this time, it looks like the other projects in or near DC Ranch will be included in the bond. However, this may change so if any of the three projects listed below are important to you, it is advised you communicate your preference for inclusion on them also.

• Thompson Peak Bridge expansion project
• Dog park at Thompson Peak Park project (Hayden and Thompson Peak)
• Lighted soccer park at Bell and 94th Street that could occasionally handle event parking. This is one of three locations that have been identified; it is unlikely all three would be built.