Builder VA1 and VA2 Forms

A new home is considered under construction after the owner, builder and site superintendent have been through the Covenant Commission process and permission has been granted to start the building process. The Covenant Commission will place the home on a list of homes under construction for the DC Ranch Association to use for the purpose of issuing vehicle tags. Prior to all Construction the Builder is required to Complete the VA-1 and VA-2 Forms and submit them to the West Gate. Once the form has been completed and approval has been given, West Gate Access Staff will create a construction account in Once the account has been created, the builder will receive an email with a username plus a temporary password. At that time, construction may start and gate passes may be issued.
  • Property information

  • Builder Information

  • Superintendent Information

  • Property Owner Information

  • VA-2 Form

  • Attach a list of subcontractors, trades, suppliers, vendors (including builder's employees and site superintendent) who will need access to the lot and the dates each will need access. Access will be programmed only for the length of time entry to the specific project is required, for no longer than a one year period. List only companies or individuals who are firmly contracted for the project, not those who are under consideration. Throughout construction, continuous updates to your access list via is required once your account has been created. Notify the West Gate immediately when an employee or subcontractor is no longer allowed access to the job site. Contractors are able to pick up their gate passes at the West Gate between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information contact the West Gate at 480-473-1482 or by email at
  • Accepted file types: xls, xlsx.