Bee safety tips as it gets warmer

| Mike Gertzman

Spring is here, and with it comes heightened honeybee activity as queen bees, and their workers leave colonies searching for new homes.

Most times, these swarms remain for about 24 hours, and the bees are usually non-aggressive.

If a swarm is spotted, call the Security Command Center at 480.397.9659. Patrol will respond with “Bee Aware” signage to identify the swarm location.

If the swarm remains and starts hive production in a common area, DC Ranch Maintenance will contact AZ Queen Bee to remove and relocate the colony humanely. The bees are vacuumed away and introduced to a new hive and docile queen to encourage continued honey production and food pollination.

Residents may also want to consider using AZ Queen Bee or a similar non-destructive method for removing an unwanted colony from their property.

For additional information, contact The Ranch Offices at 480-513.1500.

Learn more about AZ Queen Bee on page 6 of the Sept. 2020 issues of Ranch News.