DCR2020 Strategic Plan

DC Ranch is widely known as one of the country’s premiere places to live. How did it achieve this status? With a vision: to build the finest master-planned community of its time.

Today DC Ranch has a real estate value of $3.8 billion and holds a premium value over nearby properties. The economic value of homes typically reflects the underlying quality of life those properties enable.

The DC Ranch Strategic Plan was developed based on the collective input received from numerous focus groups, a Ranch-wide resident survey, the designated task force, and both the Community Council and Ranch Association Board of Directors. The outcome from this process was the development of six STRATEGIC INITIATIVES and eight STANDING PRINCIPLES.

Strategic Initiatives

DC Ranch’s focus areas for the next three years. The six initiatives were developed through significant resident input during the strategic planning process. The initiatives align with the community’s vision, values, and standing principles. Each Strategic Initiative is supported by strategies, tactics, and measures. Strategic Initiatives are listed in no particular order.

Strategic Initiative 1: Further Develop an Amenity-Rich Community

DC Ranch provides a wide range of physical amenities (parks, trails, community centers, golf, recreation, community gardens, etc.) and extensive programming (events, clubs, celebrations, education, speakers, etc.) that appeal to a broad set of resident interests. This is an important attribute of DC Ranch that attracts, welcomes and connects residents.

Strategy 1.1
Continue to evaluate amenities and programs to foster a high level of participation, sustainability and value.

Strategy 1.2
Structure and align programming and amenities to best serve community needs.

Strategy 1.3
Expand educational programs that engage, inform and enrich residents of all ages and consider additional community-wide programs that connect all generations of DC Ranch residents. Examples include Speaker Series, DC Ranch Day, Concerts in the Park and the 20 for 20 Hiking Challenge.

Strategy 1.4
Consider new physical amenities for DC Ranch residents.

Strategic Initiative 2: Continue to Invest in Health, Wellness and Active Lifestyle

DC Ranch delivers a variety of health/fitness amenities and programs that support a wide range of health, wellness and active lifestyle interests. DC Ranch is viewed as a very active community with residents that value a high level of fitness and emphasis on maintaining their health and wellness.

Strategy 2.1
Analyze the space available for DC Ranch fitness activities and consider projects to enhance and/or expand available space in the best interest of the community.

Strategy 2.2
Provide quality fitness classes, wellness seminars and related events for all age groups and interests, that meet community needs and wants.

Strategy 2.3
Enhance and promote use of the path and trail system within the community and increase awareness of its connectivity with other public trail systems including the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Strategic Initiative 3: Identify and Position DC Ranch for the Target Buyers of the Future

DC Ranch is attractive for the next era of buyers as well as the ongoing discretionary buyer. DC Ranch knows and understands who the target buyers of the future are and aligns the brand and current/future strategic initiatives to address their interests and needs.

Strategy 3.1
Identify the features that will be highly attractive to future buyers.

Strategy 3.2
Launch a clear and compelling education campaign that highlights what differentiates DC Ranch from other communities.

Strategy 3.3
Characterize internal and external buyer segments to identify relevant buying trends within DC Ranch and comparable neighborhoods.

Strategy 3.4
Foster strong collaboration and maintain a feedback loop with Scottsdale real estate agents.

Strategy 3.5
Increase word of mouth advertising and referrals to DC Ranch.

Strategic Initiative 4: Invest in Infrastructure and Technology for DC Ranch Advancement

DC Ranch infrastructure (roads, communications, utilities, structures, technology, etc.) is well planned and maintained at a high level. Investing in new technologies is a primary focus, not only to enhance community operations, but to also support resident needs. DC Ranch is committed to upholding a safe and well-maintained infrastructure.

Strategy 4.1
Continue long-term maintenance of DC Ranch Association owned roadways and other DC Ranch owned and/or maintained infrastructure including bridges, culverts, pathways, and buildings.

Strategy 4.2
Advocate for community wide, third-party resident services, such as enhanced cellular coverage.

Strategy 4.3
Ensure all DC Ranch technologies and systems are up-to-date, highly functioning, and effective in meeting the needs of the organizations and residents.

Strategic Initiative 5: Assist with the Success of the Commercial Properties

The commercial areas represent important assets for DC Ranch and integrate residential community with lifestyle, entertainment, business and gathering venues. DC Ranch assists in developing the full potential for each of the commercial areas: Market Street, Canyon Village, DC Ranch Crossing and the Corporate Center at DC Ranch; helps to align them with the interests of current and future residents; and works to ensure a long term and successful partnership with them.

Strategy 5.1
Help align future businesses with trends/interests of current and future residents.

Strategy 5.2
Continue to introduce the commercial center businesses to residents and non-residents.

Strategy 5.3
Assist commercial centers with better awareness and visibility.

Strategic Initiative 6: Position DC Ranch as Environmentally Sustainable for the Future

DC Ranch is situated adjacent to the beautiful McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Residents today, and homebuyers in the future, see environmental sustainability as an important value and responsibility. DC Ranch identifies its community and brand with environmental sustainability--demands placed on the environment are met without reducing its capacity to allow all people to live well, now and in the future.

Strategy 6.1
Routinely review, update and monitor adherence to the DC Ranch Community Standards that were designed to aid in the protection of the natural desert and surrounding landscape settings.

Strategy 6.2
Encourage use of alternative energy sources and best practices throughout DC Ranch.

Strategy 6.3
Support and encourage community-wide recycling opportunities for DC Ranch residents.

Strategy 6.4
Implement and maintain water conservation practices and programs throughout the DC Ranch community.

Strategy 6.5
Foster a strong partnership with the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy to preserve the natural desert environment.


Standing Principles

DC Ranch’s guide of how business is conducted in all circumstances, at all times. Aligned with values, they are DC Ranch’s approach to core foundational and operational activities. Each of the eight principles is supported by strategies, tactics, and measures. Standing Principles are listed in no particular order.

Standing Principle 1: Fully Support the DC Ranch Brand

The DC Ranch Brand, Brand Promise and Brand Dimensions are important initiatives in defining the community’s values and points of differentiation. The Brand is a highly visible part of all communications guiding how we interact with the community today and how we attract future residents.

Strategy 1.1
Ensure that all DC Ranch Board Members and Team Members fully embrace the Brand Promise and can articulate its key components to the audiences with whom they engage.

Strategy 1.2
Explore new ways to share the Brand Promise with Stakeholders and Community Partners and continue to solicit their feedback on the Promise and how it can best be communicated in all interactions.

Strategy 1.3
Ensure that the Brand Promise is a prominent component of the DC Ranch website, augmented by powerful visuals that validate the Promise.

Strategy 1.4
Incorporate the Brand Promise into the decision-making process for the three DC Ranch boards and all team members. Always ask: Is this decision aligned consistent with our Brand Promise?

Strategy 1.5
In the resident survey process, include questions about the awareness of the Brand Promise.

Standing Principle 2: Sustain Financial Stewardship

Current and future investments are supported by a long-range strategy/set of practices for financial stewardship.

Strategy 2.1
Align capital projects funding with community-based interests, needs and feedback.

Strategy 2.2
Maintain the highest standards of accepted accounting and risk assessment practices for fiscal management.

Strategy 2.3
Follow and update the plan for reserve accumulation to support reserve projects in accordance with Reserve Studies.

Strategy 2.4
Maintain transparency with financial matters.

Standing Principle 3: Maintain the Highest Level of Landscape and Appearance

The overall beauty and appearance of DC Ranch is a source of pride for the community, as well as a natural marketing tool. DC Ranch provides the finest care to this unique desert landscape environment consistent with the emphasis placed on services, safety and quality of life for our residents.

Strategy 3.1
Routinely review all landscape practices, schedules, maintenance services and quality control measures to ensure the community’s appearance is always well maintained and meets the DC Ranch standard for excellence.

Strategy 3.2
Create a communication program utilizing Neighborhood Voting Members that encourages feedback and input on landscape and maintenance practices, and standards in the neighborhoods.

Strategy 3.3
Form and maintain alliances with relevant community member-stakeholders (e.g. the two golf courses, three commercial centers, one corporate center and the two apartment communities) to establish clear lines of communication and to promote and protect DC Ranch landscape and appearance standards.

Strategy 3.4
Educate residents on best practices for landscape and maintenance standards in adherence with DC Ranch standards.

Strategy 3.5
Uphold Community Wide Standards for existing built environment and assure future construction adheres to the Covenants and Design Guidelines.

Standing Principle 4: Attract, Train and Retain the Highest Quality Staff and Leadership

The service that the DC Ranch staff, management and leadership provide to the residents is part of the fabric and culture of the community. From the security person at the gate to the top leaders of the community’s three entities, the quality of service and appreciation for the community is a true differentiator. Through nurturing individual talent and cultivating team excellence, DC Ranch has a reputation as a great place to pursue a career.

Strategy 4.1
Cultivate an exceptional work environment that attracts the best talent and retains top performers.

Strategy 4.2
Provide a work environment conducive to high job satisfaction among employees.

Strategy 4.3
Maintain a workplace culture that has shared team values that are known and practiced.

Strategy 4.4
Maintain an environment that supports education, job knowledge, and professional development.

Strategy 4.5
Promote and foster opportunities for reward and recognition of top performers.

Standing Principle 5: Preserve a Safe Environment

DC Ranch provides a safe environment for residents and guests through appropriate security measures and infrastructure.

Strategy 5.1
Educate DC Ranch stakeholders on Safety & Security Services inside DC Ranch.

Strategy 5.2
Provide training to DC Ranch employees on safety & security within DC Ranch.

Strategy 5.3
Plan and implement an annual review of current laws and procedures that includes various risk or threat assessments throughout all of DC Ranch.

Strategy 5.4
Maintain the safety and security of the community amenities and assets such that they meet and exceed the DC Ranch standards, and that they remain current & ahead of the curve.

Strategy 5.5
Annually collect and evaluate input from DC Ranch stakeholders on the safety and security of the DC Ranch community.

Standing Principle 6: Be an Active and Engaged Voice in Regional Scottsdale Matters

DC Ranch, due to its geographic location and size, can be positively or negatively affected by regional Scottsdale matters. DC Ranch positions itself as an important player in the planning and direction of key projects and initiatives that may fall outside of DC Ranch’s governance jurisdiction and is viewed as a positive, productive, valuable, proactive partner with the City of Scottsdale and other governing/community agencies.

Strategy 6.1
Actively monitor Scottsdale regional matters and engage on behalf of the DC Ranch community-at-large when deemed necessary by the Community Council Board of Directors.

Strategy 6.2
Communicate DC Ranch’s public advocacy Engagement Plans in an open and timely manner and provide updates as available.

Strategy 6.3
Establish strong working relationships between the Community Council and political, community and business leaders that enable DC Ranch to be recognized as a positive, engaged and leadership-oriented community.

Standing Principle 7: Foster Open and Transparent Communication

DC Ranch keeps residents and stakeholders fully aware of what's happening at DC Ranch and how to be involved through (1) transparent communication and (2) an engaged resident base that is involved in its neighborhoods, community programming, strategic planning and committees. This level of involvement is a strategic advantage for DC Ranch and is nurtured and supported.

Strategy 7.1
Support resident engagement in the development of the DCR2020 strategic plan and all standing principles and strategic initiatives

Strategy 7.2
Formally publish the DCR2020 strategic plan and routinely communicate updates/progress as evidence of transparency and to reinforce the value of resident impact

Strategy 7.3
Review the role of communications for DC Ranch and ensure that DC Ranch is taking full advantage of communication channels for ongoing updates pertaining to the community

Strategy 7.4
Review the DC Ranch website for opportunities for ongoing interaction/input from residents on general DC Ranch events, amenities and operations

Strategy 7.5
Create avenues, and educate on existing opportunities, that allow residents to identify key neighborhood or community-wide matters and provide input on possible solutions.

Standing Principle 8: Optimize Governance Structure

DC Ranch, with its three-entity governance structure and expertise in community management, presents a unique governance structure for large-scale residential communities in terms of leadership, transparency, effective board structure, resident participation and overall operational excellence.

Strategy 8.1
Honor and carry out with integrity the mission, objectives, and directives of the documents established to govern the DC Ranch community and adhere to all applicable laws.

Strategy 8.2
Foster openness, communication, and accountability with DC Ranch governance related operations.

Strategy 8.3
Support the Three Entities – One Vision approach to governance in DC Ranch by defining and communicating the role, purpose, and value of each entity; evaluate the approach regularly and make improvements to enhance the effectiveness of the model.

Strategy 8.4
Support the sub-associations with their efforts to achieve best practices for operational excellence, consistent with DC Ranch standards.

Strategy 8.5
Attract qualified volunteers for governance, committees, and to serve in leadership positions on the boards.