DCR2020 Strategic Plan

DC Ranch is widely known as one of the country’s premiere places to live. How did it achieve this status? With a vision: to build the finest master-planned community of its time.

Today DC Ranch has a real estate value of $3.8 billion and holds a premium value over nearby properties. The economic value of homes typically reflects the underlying quality of life those properties enable.

As the community nears its 20th anniversary, residents, stakeholders, and DC Ranch staff embarked on a strategic planning initiative to chart the community’s course for the next three years. This is important for maintaining the community’s desirability and premium home values.

The Strategic Plan, DCR2020, is a road map for how to protect that value for DC Ranch by laying the groundwork for multi-year priorities and policies to guide future operational decisions. The goal is for DC Ranch to remain on the forefront of security and technology, capital projects, and community life initiatives that create value for homeowners and stakeholders.

Latest Updates

Oct. 2, 2017

Both the DC Ranch Community Council and Ranch Association Board of Directors have made a strong and consistent commitment to the implementation of the strategic plan. The Community Council and Ranch Association will take the leadership role in activating the plan through the following steps:

  • Communication to residents and boards:
    Throughout the implementation process, updates and will be provided to residents and the boards to share progress, maintain transparency and provide accountability.
  • Launch teams to develop strategies, tactics and measurements for the Principles and Initiatives:
    In order to track progress, key performance indicators are needed. This step also creates an ongoing platform for resident engagement though a variety of avenues to include but not limited to a small focus groups, committee work and surveying.
  • Monitor trends, risks or opportunities that might influence the strategic plan:
    A strategic plan cannot be stagnant. By maintaining strong two-way interaction with the residents, business owners and the community at large, DC Ranch will be able to identify and stay ahead of emerging trends and issues that could impact the strategic plan.

Sept. 5, 2017

The DC Ranch Strategic Plan, DCR2020, was developed based on the collective input received from numerous focus groups, a Ranch-wide resident survey, the designated task force, and both the Community Council and Ranch Association Board of Directors. Through this collaborative work and the engagement of key internal and external stakeholders, eight Standing Principles and six Strategic Initiatives were developed. To ensure that an ambitious but attainable strategy is launched and realized over the next three years, it is important that the strategic framework is grounded in STANDING PRINCIPLES that will serve as the foundation and provide continuity for future endeavors. Standing Principles guide how business is conducted in all circumstances, at all times. Aligned with values, they are the approach to core foundation and operational activities. Equally important to the strategic plan are the STRATEGIC INITIATIVES which identify areas of focus for the next three years. They are consistent with DC Ranch’s community values and work to enhance the DC Ranch brand.