Halloween safety tips

| Elizabeth Dankert

Happy Halloween! The Ranch Association reminds residents to use extra caution while children are trick or treating throughout DC Ranch. Many neighborhoods are hosting parties in the parks, so please be considerate of noise levels and be sure to tidy up after celebrating. Also, please remember to have your house lights on and car and garage entry doors locked.

Remember the four C’s of Halloween safety.

  • Carving: Emergency room visits increase in October partly due to pumpkin carving accidents. Use the right tools for the right age.
  • Candy: Stick with commercially wrapped candy, and discard anything that is opened or has rips or tears. When in doubt, throw it out.
  • Costumes: Make sure costumes fit properly. Stay away from billowing or long trailing costumes. If wearing a mask, make sure the eyelets are large enough to not block vision. Use reflective tape on dark costumes.
  • Common sense: Stay on well-lit streets, bring a cell phone and stay in groups. If driving, watch your speed.

Be safe and have a frighteningly good time!