Three Missions, One Vision

Architectural integrity and design, maintenance of roads and security, and developing a sense of connectedness among residents are integral components of the DC Ranch experience. And though these three operational areas are certainly interconnected, they are distinct services that require a range of expertise. As a result, three governance entities oversee the delivery of the three separate services.

Community Council

The Community Council is responsible for visioning and facilitating initiatives that enhance residents’ quality of life, serve collective interests and promote the DC Ranch brand. The Council provides recreational, educational, cultural, and volunteer opportunities that reflect community values; operates and programs DC Ranch amenities; creates outlets for communication; and defines DC Ranch Standards.

Ranch Association

The Ranch Association is responsible for the professional management and protection of the community’s fiscal and environmental assets. The Ranch Association delivers high quality and consistent operations, landscape, maintenance, and security services with an emphasis on customer care and open communication that result in sustained property values and exceptional quality of life.

Covenant Commission

The Covenant Commission establishes and maintains standards for architectural and landscape design in the community. Supported by design professionals, the five-member Covenant Commission reviews architectural design submissions and works with property owners and builders to maintain high standards of quality and architectural harmony with our desert environment.

Neighborhood Voting Members

Each neighborhood in DC Ranch (more than 40 in all) elects a designated resident to serve as their liaison to the Ranch Association Board of Directors. NVMs cast the sole vote for their neighborhood when electing the Board. They are also responsible for disseminating Ranch Association information to their respective neighborhoods.


There are eight communities within DC Ranch that are managed by sub-associations.

The Ranch Offices on Market Street

20555 N. Pima Rd., Suite 140
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Phone: 480.513.1500
Fax: 480.513.1505
Business hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.