Landscape Modification

If you are contemplating an exterior modification to your landscape, you must submit a written request to obtain approval prior to any modification.

Review by Ranch Association 

For homes in the villages of Country Club, Desert Camp and Desert Parks:

  • Planting or removing existing landscape

Review by Covenant Commission

For homes in the Silverleaf village:

  • Planting or removing existing landscape

Modification Timeline and Forms

Modifications go through a review and approval process and usually take 2-4 weeks. Fees may apply for the review process. The same Modification Request Form is used for both the Ranch Association and the Covenant Commission. Please contact the Ranch Office at 480.513.1500 and ask to speak with a Community Standards Specialist for more assistance.

Modification Form - Ranch Association
Modification Form - Covenant Commission

New-Build Landscape Submissions

Timelines for submission and installation for Non-Custom Lots (new-build homes) in Silverleaf

  • Landscape plans must be submitted to the Covenant Commission for approval within 60 days from the close of escrow.
  • Approved landscape on the lot must be completed within 180 days from the close of escrow.

Non-Custom Landscape Submission Checklist

Timelines for submission and installation for Custom Lots

  • Owners must submit landscape plans along with their architectural plans.
  • Landscape installation must be completed simultaneously with completion of home construction.

Please contact the Covenant Commission at 480.563.3284 for the appropriate forms and schedule of design review fees.