Home Modification

External modifications to residential property—adding a ramada, guest house or pool, or repainting your home—are subject to review and approval. If you are contemplating an exterior modification to your home or landscape, you must submit a written request to obtain approval prior to any modification.

Review by Ranch Association

For homes in the villages of Country Club, Desert Camp and Desert Parks:
  • Exterior architecture alterations to existing improvements
  • Home additions less than 100 square feet
  • Exterior painting

Review by Covenant Commission

All villages:
  • Home additions of 100+ sq. ft. livable or non-livable
Silverleaf village:
  • Exterior architectural and landscape alterations to existing improvements

Modification Timeline and Forms

Modifications go through a review and approval process and usually take 2-4 weeks. Fees may apply for the review process. Please contact the Ranch Offices at 480.513.1500 and ask to speak to a Community Standards Specialist for more assistance.

Modification Form - Ranch Association

Modification Form - Covenant Commission

Paint Modification Form

Color Material Inspection Request

Final Inspection Request-Custom (Architecture and Landscape)

Final Inspection Request-NonCustom

Pool Submission Form

Satellite Dishes

Solar Screens

Trellis design

Please call The Ranch Association Offices on Market Street at 480.513.1500 for more assistance.