DC Ranch Standards

Standards are the measures for keeping the community beautiful and living harmoniously with our neighbors. DC Ranch Standards provide owners and renters in all neighborhoods, including sub-associations, with the benchmarks that their property and actions should reflect. 

Standards enable residents to enjoy not only the beauty of their property but the neighboring properties as well. It is important for residents to understand the standards and to voluntarily identify when maintenance or compliance is needed. Enforcement of the guidelines is vital to success and voluntary compliance is an integral component. 

Over time, many properties may have deviated from the original plans. Residents may always request a courtesy inspection to assist with compliance by contacting a Community Standards Specialist for help. Our goal is ensure DC Ranch remains as beautiful and enjoyable today as it was the first time you experienced it. Inspections for modifications and transfer and disclosure are more thorough and adhere more strictly to the compliance standards.

DC Ranch Standards for Landscape

The Standards for Landscape are the guidelines for residents to use for maintenance of their property. These references were designed to be easy-to-understand with neighborhood-specific navigation to various resources including brochures, landscape zone maps, and abbreviated, full and prohibited plant lists. Residents are always encouraged to call a Community Standards Specialist to assist with questions or proposed plans. Courtesy inspections are free and are highly recommended.

Standards for Landscape (including enforcement guidelines)

View the Standards for Landscape page for more information and the list of resources.

DC Ranch Standards for Homes

The Standards for Homes are the guidelines for residents to use for exterior maintenance and care of their home. This easy-to-understand reference guide is a simplified version of content contained in the full Design Guidelines for each of the four villages: Desert Camp, Country Club, Silverleaf and Desert Parks. Residents are always encouraged to call a Community Standards Specialist to assist with questions or proposed plans. Courtesy inspections are free and are highly recommended.

Standards for Homes (including enforcement guidelines)

DC Ranch Standards for Conduct

The Standards for Conduct govern behavior of residents in DC Ranch; it supersedes all previous board actions addressed in the document. This reference is a compilation of the CC&Rs, board policies and federal, state and local statues. DC Ranch residents are proud of where they live and choose to voluntarily comply with the community governing documents. Although the enforcement guidelines address potential monetary or legal action that may be taken, success is dependent upon each resident upholding the standards on a daily basis.

Standards for Conduct (including enforcement guidelines)

Abbreviated Standards Flipbooks

The following flipbooks contain the Homeowner's Guide to DC Ranch Standards for Homes, Conduct, and Landscape that were mailed to residents in November 2016. Please note, the flipbooks/Guides are a shortened and simplified version of the Standards. The complete and most updated Standards documents are posted in the sections above.

Country Club - Custom
 Silverleaf - Arcadia
Country Club - Non-custom   Silverleaf - The Parks and Canyon Villas
Desert Camp
 Silverleaf - Upper Canyon and Horseshoe Canyon
Desert Parks


Appeals Policy

An appeals process has been adopted in accordance with state guidelines and for situations where a resident feels that they need recourse on a matter pertaining to the community-wide standards. Residents may appeal a violation or penalty to the Ranch Association board of directors through written request. In addition to appeals to the board, revisions to state law also allow homeowners to make appeals to the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

Appeals Policy