Construction Access Policy

       A new home is considered under construction after the owner, builder and site superintendent have been through the Covenant Commission process and permission has been granted to start the building process. The Covenant Commission will place the home on a list of homes under construction for the DC Ranch Association to use for the purpose of issuing vehicle tags. Once the home has been built and only after the homeowner or builder request a final inspection from the Covenant office or the homeowner moves into the home, the Covenant will advise the DC Ranch Association that a request has been received for final inspection. Then the Ranch Association will remove the home from the construction site list after contact has been made with the homeowner and all builders and vendor access will be terminated at that time. If a vendor, builder, or site superintendent still needs to have access to the home, they will make contact with homeowner to add them to their guest list for access through the gate for any follow up work to bring the home into compliance.



Parking on Thompson Peak Parkway prior to construction hours is prohibited by law. 


  1. Prior to start of construction, VA-1 and VA-2 forms containing an initial list of subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors, including Builder’s employees and Site Superintendent, who will need access to the lot and the dates each will need access. Access will be programmed only for the length of time entry to the specific project is required and for no longer than one year period. Programming can be modified as needs change. List only companies or individuals who are firmly contracted for the project, not those who are under consideration. The VA-1 and Va-2 Forms can be completed online under "Contractor Information and Forms" Menu.
  2. Throughout construction, continuous updates to your access list via system Is required. 
  3. Notify the WestGate Gate Access Team immediately in writing when an employee or subcontractor is no longer allowed access to the job site. ( and or call 480-473-1482)     


Builders and Site Superintendents will be granted access to software system to maintain updated information on subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, and employees until the Homeowner moves into the home. Westgate Gate Access Team will email the Builder with login information once all requirements have been met. 


  1. A Gate Pass must be purchased by all Builders, vendors, subcontractors, suppliers and contractors for a new home under construction for entry. Gate Passes are valid for one year from date of purchase, but they are programmed to permit entry to each project only during construction hours during the date range specified by the Builder or Site Superintendent. 
  2. One Gate Pass must be purchased per vehicle.  Gate Passes will be permanently affixed to a vehicle’s windshield and, therefore, may not be moved from vehicle to vehicle.  
  3. One driver must be identified with each vehicle as that vehicle’s responsible party.   
  4. Vehicles with expired Gate Passes will not be permitted access to the community.  An expired Gate Pass may be renewed and remain on the vehicle if no vehicle details have changed.  If there have been changes, a new Gate Pass may be issued.   


  1. Gate Passes may be purchased from the Westgate - $50 per tag (effective January 1, 2016) – check, cash, or credit card.  Office hours are 7am-5pm, Monday through Friday.
  2. Each individual applicant must appear in person at the Westgate and produce the following documentation before a Gate Pass will be issued:   
    • Valid driver’s license 
    • Proof of current vehicle insurance  
    • Current vehicle registration 
    • Completed Online Gate Pass Application form, including: 
      • Lot Number of work site
      • Site superintendent’s name 
      • Site superintendent’s phone number 
      • Site superintendent’s email address 
      • Vehicle information (year, make, model, color, license plate and state) 
      • Prior to issuing or renewing a Gate Pass, Security personnel will verify that all information on the form is correct and that the subcontractor’s or individual’s name is active on the software program. 
  3. No contractor will be allowed to purchase or renew a vehicle Gate Pass without being authorized through his/her Builder, Site Superintendent, or Homeowner. 
  4. If the company or individual is not on the system, no Gate Pass will be issued and the applicant will be required to contact the Builder or Site Superintendent, or Homeowner to be added to the system.  


  1. Contractors are to pick up their Gate Pass at the Westgate between the hours of 7am-5pm, Monday through Friday.
  2. Gate Passes are not activated until installed by the Westgate personnel.  
  3. Westgate security personnel must verify that all vehicle information matches the submitted paperwork before installing the vehicle tag. 
  4. Although the tag is valid for a full year, it will be programmed only for the dates access is needed for each project.  
  5. Gate Passes are not transferable.  In the event a new vehicle is bought or a windshield is replaced, a new Gate Pass must be purchased.  Any attempt to peel off and re-stick a Gate Pass will deactivate the tag. 

Parking (Covenant Commission Construction Regulations, Page 6)

Construction crews shall only park on, or otherwise use, portions of the Lots to which they are contracted to perform services. During busy construction periods involving multiple trades such that all construction vehicles cannot be confined to the construction envelope of the lot on which construction is proceeding, the overflow vehicles may be temporarily parked on the pavement along one side of the roadway during times and in locations as approved by the Covenant Commission.  If allowed, such on-street parking shall be located to allow unconstrained access by normal traffic and emergency vehicles, including fire trucks. Vehicles may not be parked in cul de sacs, on neighboring lots, in nearby driveways or on open space areas.


Once a Final Inspection Request for a home has been submitted to the Covenant Commission, the Vendor Access Policy becomes effective for all subsequent work needed to bring the project to completion.