Security Safety Tips

Leave your exterior lights on at night

DC Ranch follows a “dark skies” policy to minimize light pollution and enhance residents’ city views. As a result, many areas in the community do not have street lighting, The Ranch Association encourages residents to leave their garage and porch lights on at night. The exterior lighting helps with neighborhood safety and security.

Fill out a vacation form before leaving town

If planning a vacation or extended leave, please fill out the Vacation Notification form found under the Resident Forms tab on this page. This helps Security know which homes are empty and permits them to check the perimeter and exterior doors twice weekly while you’re away in addition to driving by your property daily. If deliveries are expected, ask a neighbor to keep an eye out and collect them.  Set exterior and interior lighting on a timer and your irrigation controllers to a deep watering schedule in the early morning or evening to minimize evaporation.  Arrange for a neighbor or landscaper to check your system in case of an electrical storm as many systems return to factory presets after a power outage. 

Secure vehicles at night

Please make sure to lock your vehicle doors when parking outside. Valuables should never be left inside a parked car as this presents easy access to inside the home through the automatic garage door openers installed on most autos. Please report any suspicious activity to DC Ranch Security. Call Patrol 1 for Country Club and Desert Camp at 480.338.8477, and Patrol 2 for Silverleaf and Desert Parks at 480.338.8478.

Set alarm system and lock inside doors

If your residence is equipped with an alarm system, remember to activate it when leaving the premises or when sleeping.  DC Ranch Security also recommends locking the inside door leading from the garage to prevent unexpected access to your residence.

Open garage door policy

Patrol will phone residents after 10 p.m. when their garage door is found left open so don’t be alarmed if you get a late night call.  If verbal contact fails, DC Ranch Security will send an email or leave a note outside the open garage.  Please make sure your contact information is up to date so you can be alerted if your garage is left open.

Lost items can be found at the Windgate 

DC Ranch Security collects items found in parks and open spaces and inputs the items into the system. Once correctly identified, items are returned to their rightful owners. Residents that have missing items can contact the Windgate Gate House at 480.342.9095. All unclaimed items are donated to charitable organizations after 30 days and a receipt of the donation is recorded.

Avoid parking in the street

While it’s a violation of community policy to park on the street between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., please also be conscientious about parking in cul-de-sacs during the day. The narrowness of the streets makes it impossible for large vehicles like landscaping and garbage collection trucks to navigate these areas if cars are parked in the street. Please try to keep the roadways clear to allow for trash pick-up and yard maintenance.  Signage is also posted outside all unmanned gates prohibiting drivers from using the entryways as a pick-up or drop-off point.

Parking Exemptions

Remember that vehicles are in violation if parked on any street between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. or if parked in any alleyways.  Please notify DC Ranch Security if a guest needs on street parking which is permitted for up to three days. Longer periods of time must be preapproved by the Ranch Association.  Vehicles must also not be parked in the wrong direction.  The Parking Exemption Form is located on this page under Resident Forms.

Security offers enhanced identification procedures

The DC Ranch Security family identification code system offers an additional level of security. The program is for residents, tenants, and their immediate families. Each household is asked to stop by a gatehouse or patrol vehicle to input a family four-digit code (one code per residence) which will be used to confirm identity. Additionally, each family member may also stop by to have their photo taken or may upload an existing photo to the security staff. The photo is optional.  To submit the family code or photo, please visit the Resident Forms section on this page.

Avoiding bees

Being stung by a bee or wasp is never fun, and for those with bee sting allergies it can be downright deadly. Fortunately, most bee stings are entirely avoidable. Bees, wasps, and hornets sting primarily to defend themselves, so the key to avoiding bee stings is to make sure the bees don't feel threatened by you. | Read tips