Gate Access


The new gate access program provides our residents multiple capabilities such as: managing permanent and temporary guest lists and emergency contacts, receiving cell phone notifications and submitting vacation forms. Residents may also view and retrieve entry information, upload photos for identification purposes, and be notified when guests arrive.

Residents can manage their accounts from a home computer, smartphone or mobile device.  For iPads and iPhones, visit the App store and search for “gateaccess”. For Android phones, visit the Marketplace and search for “gateaccess”. For Blackberry users, visit for additional details.

When a guest arrives at a gate house to check in, they will be greeted with a smile and professionalism.  Each of the manned gates is equipped with the latest technology to allow for easy access of guests and residents.

Need help setting up your Gate Access account? Please call the West Gate at 480.473.7362 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and a Gate Access Guard will be happy to assist.



Are you going on vacation? Do you need to update your contact information so you can be notified of a guest arriving? Do you have a guest who needs a parking exemption to park overnight? There are many online forms available to notify security. Please see all online forms in the Resident Form menu. All information provided will remain confidential.

Although the DC Ranch community is maturing, many areas are still under development as new home build outs continue. To manage traffic at the gates and keep guest lanes clear, all builders and trades are required to participate in the Construction Gate Pass Program. This requires all construction workers to provide Security with a valid driver’s license, insurance and registration. If any of these items are expired, access will be denied. To begin the process, please complete the Contractor Gate Pass Application.

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