DC Ranch Security provides round-the-clock watch of all DC Ranch residential villages including perimeter checks that serve as a visible deterrent against crime. Security staff observes and reports security breaches, suspicious activity, and property damage. Although Security is available at all times, any emergency that threatens life or property should be reported to 911.

DC Ranch Security provides secured access and screening of all guests at the community’s five manned gates to validate access authorization, control construction and Realtor® traffic, assist with non-perishable deliveries when owners are away and guide Country Club members or staff. Please note that U.S. postal mail and large packages cannot be accepted at the gates. Absentee owners will need to make other arrangements for delivery.

Security may also provide traffic control assistance with community projects and events, clear roadways of debris; and augment efforts of maintenance, landscaping, administration, and community standards staff as needed.

DC Ranch Security strives to provide exceptional service and maintains positive relationships with all local, state, and federal authorities in performance of their duties on the property.

Police & Fire

The Scottsdale Police Department serves as the City’s law enforcement agency and is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. DC Ranch is part of District 4 and is under the leadership of Commander Ron Bayne.

The Scottsdale Fire Department is a full-service professional organization with 13 stations throughout the city.

Local Police Station:

20363 N. Pima Rd. (Pima Road and Thompson Peak Parkway) Phone: 480.312.8800 

Lobby Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Local Fire Station:
20355 N. Pima Rd.(Market Street at DC Ranch)
Phone: 480.312.8911


Community Patrol

DC Ranch Security operates the Community Patrol that services all communities including those managed by sub-associations.  For assistance with non-emergencies or to provide feedback, please first contact the patrol for your neighborhood.  As always, with any life threatening situation, call 911 immediately.

Community Patrol One
Country Club and Desert Camp Villages:
Phone: 480.338.8477

Community Patrol Two
Silverleaf and Desert Park Villages:
Phone: 480.338.8478

Manage Guest List


This new access program allows multiple capabilities such as managing permanent and temporary guest lists and updating emergency contact information.

Residents in neighborhoods with staffed gates can also receive cell phone/email notifications when guests arrive and view or retrieve entry information. For unmanned gates, instructions are posted for guests, deliveries and service providers to follow. Unmanned gate residents may also maintain a guest list which Security checks, but no notification will be provided when the guest arrives.  

In addition to your ability to manage your account from your home computer, you can use your smartphone to enter guest’s information. For iPhones/ iPads, visit the App Store and search for “gateaccess”. For Android devices, visit the Marketplace and search for “gateaccess”. For Blackberry users, visit for more information.