Transfers and Disclosures Policy and Fees

Disclosure Fee $350.00: includes the following which will be completed by DC Ranch within ten (10) calendar days of request:

  • Disclosure documents prepared and made available electronically to buyer (via Includes demand statement listing all fees, CC&Rs, governing documents, financial reports, reserve reports, rules and regulations, budget.
  • Demand statement prepared and made available electronically to title and buyer listing all transfer fees, assessments, and amounts due to DC Ranch at close.

CC&R Compliance Inspection Fee: $100 (residential), $100 per acre (commercial, developed parcel), $50 per acre (commercial, vacant parcel): External inspection of the property by DC Ranch. Per state statute, DC Ranch is required to perform an inspection of the property to furnish a statement of any violations of the CC&Rs. This inspection is not optional and will include architectural and landscape issues. The inspection report will be sent to the title company so that the results may be disseminated between buyer, seller, and agents. Please note that the property may still close even if DC Ranch considers the property non‐compliant. If the issues are not corrected prior to close, then the buyer assumes responsibility and will have at least 180 days from the date of closing to correct any violations. DC Ranch is not liable for any cancellations due to the findings of the report.

HomeWise Docs Service Fee ‐ $25: Service fee charged by for the use of their website and electronic transmission of information between DC Ranch, the title company, and the buyer.

Community Council Transfer Fee ‐ ½ of 1% of gross sales price: The transfer fee funds the operations of the DC Ranch Community Council which include operating two community centers, putting on events and programming, maintaining, and publishing Ranch News.

Rush Fee ‐ $100 (Not applicable for commercial sales): The fee is applicable if DC Ranch is requested or required to respond to a request for disclosure documents in less than ten (10) calendar days. The Association will furnish all documents to title and buyer within three (3) days of the request.

NOTE: The above fees are applicable for resale properties in DC Ranch. Fees are subject to change. This information is provided as a courtesy only. If you have questions, please contact Monika Truax at 480‐419‐5313 or at