Assessments and Fees

DC Ranch fees are assessed monthly and fall under three categories: Community Council, Ranch Association, and Neighborhood (where applicable).

Community Council Assessment

Community Council assessments fund operations, activities, and maintenance at both Desert Camp Community Center and The Homestead Community Center. Amenities include lighted tennis courts, basketball courts, a fitness center, pools, a water feature, as well as the community’s 33 miles of paths and trails. This assessment also funds the events and programming that residents enjoy and helps provide the unique lifestyle that influenced many to live in DC Ranch.

Ranch Association Assessment

Ranch Association assessments fund maintenance of common areas within DC Ranch, except those areas behind gates. Fees also help to maintain sidewalks and other association-owned property, as well as DC Ranch Security.

Neighborhood Assessment

Neighborhood assessments are assessed to each neighborhood, exclusive of each other. Residents who reside in sub-association maintained units do not pay a neighborhood fee, but pay a similar fee directly to the sub-association (with the exception of Tapadero and Columbia Communities). Please contact the sub-association for more details. The Neighborhood fee funds maintenance of all that is behind the gate, including guards (if applicable) and gates for security, as well as common areas within the neighborhood, such as parks and water features.

Payment of Assessments

Online Payment
DC Ranch residents have the option to pay assessments online using credit card, debit card, or checking account. To access this convenient payment method, visit the Resident Services section on At the top right corner is a Sign In link, which will bring you to a sign in page.  If you don’t have an account you will be able to sign up online. No fee will be assessed if using the e-check method of payment. However, if you choose to pay via credit card, a convenience fee will be charged by DuesPayment. The amount of payment, less fee, will be reported to DC Ranch Association. In order to avoid late charges, payment should be submitted at least five (5) days prior to your due date. Late fees will not be refunded if payments are not made prior to this period. Please note that this is a one-time payment only.

Residents may enroll in an autopay program which allows the Ranch Association to debit your checking account once a month, removing the hassle of remembering due dates and avoiding late fees. Direct debit is an excellent option for any resident and especially helpful for those who may spend long periods of time away from DC Ranch.  If you would like to participate, please fill out the Autopay Form and return it to the Ranch Offices. Contact Monika Truax at or at 480.419.5313.

Delinquency Fees
DC Ranch follows a delinquency policy when assessing late fees and delinquency fees to resident accounts. Late fees will post if that month’s payment is not received by the last day of the month. Additional late fees may apply with persistent delinquency. Upon 75-day delinquency, all gate passes will be terminated due to the fact that gate pass service is paid through monthly assessments. Council services will also be terminated, which includes keyfob access to the amenities at The Homestead and Desert Camp Community Centers as well as facility rental privileges. Residents will still have access to the community, but must go through the guard at the gate or set up a gate code. Past-due balances in excess of 90 days are secured through a consensual lien on the property and may be foreclosed upon.